Course Designation and Forms

Course Designation

The University of Arkansas Service Learning Initiative Committee has been tasked with developing minimum criteria for courses wishing to be designated as service learning courses. Once registration forms have been submitted, the Committee will inventory and designate all courses that meet minimum service learning requirements. Please note, requesting the service learning designation does not replace the college-level curriculum review process for new courses. Please contact your dean’s offices for more details.

The Service Learning Initiative is asking faculty to register their courses to provide a database for University of Arkansas faculty, students, and community partners. The Initiative will spread awareness regarding service learning opportunities and will work to find resources to enhance and expand current and future service learning opportunities. Registered courses will be marketed through the Service Learning website and social media sites. Likewise, there will be an identified point of contact if funding or other resource opportunities align with the objectives of a particular course.  

Once a course is successfully registered as Service Learning, the designation will continue from semester to semester unless course objectives and/or service learning components change, at which time the course designation will need to be reviewed. 

The Service Learning Initiative is also asking students who are doing research that includes service learning components to apply for service learning research designation. Click here to read more about the process.


Before Applying

  • Please review the Service Learning definition, criteria, and matrix. The matrix illustrates the differences among service learning, community service, and traditional internships and practicums. For internships and practicums to receive the Service Learning designation, they must meet all course criteria. Click here to read more on resources for developing and executing courses, including a check sheet and timeline.
  • Also consider whether your students will require background checks or liability insurance. Click here to read more on background checks process and liability insurance.
  • Please note, instructors are encouraged to seek approval from the Service Learning Committee even before submitting the course for review from the appropriate college/school curriculum committee. Please consult Lisa Bowers with questions. 


Course Registration Process

Step 1: Please download the form below that applies to your type of course. This form lists all of the information you will need to complete the application form on InfoReady (Step 2).  In addition to this document, you will also need to attach your course syllabus for us to review. We encourage faculty to more directly reference service-learning on the syllabus.  

If you have any questions, we are available to talk over the phone or meet briefly in person to walk through and help you fill out the majority of the form for ease of completion. Please send an email to to set up an appointment.


Step 2: Please complete the course designation form on InfoReady. You can use MyApps and click on InfoReady to access the software. Make sure you are logged in with your UARK account. Then search for "Service Learning Domestic Course Designation Form" or "Service Learning International Course Designation Form."

If you are already logged in, you can also link directly to the forms by clicking on the form name below:

Designation Timeline

The Committee reviews requests monthly between August and May. However, you will need to consult your individual college/school for course registration deadlines as they may vary with Registrar requirements.



 Should you have further inquiries about designation review or the service learning course registration and designation process, please contact us via Lisa Bowers or