Background Checks

Certain service learning courses require background checks, adult and child maltreatment registry checks, and drug screen. If your course requires these checks, you will be notified via email. Please check your student email account for specific instructions. Be aware that the failure to submit the proper documents may result in your inability to participate in the service learning course.

While most courses require only basic background check (nationwide criminal history and sex offerender registry checks), some need specific screening such as child and adult maltreatment registry checks and drug screen. Social Work, for example, requires that internship students do drug screen, and this requirement is determined by the Field Supervisor.  The purpose of background check is to protect everyone involved in service learning.

The standard procedures are as follow:

The first two steps are conducted online. The links to Qualtrics survey and Courthouse Concepts will be sent to students via email from As for the adult and child maltreatment registry checks, please note that the forms must be notarized and then submitted to the Service Learning staff at 244 Honors College in person or by fax (479-575-4882). The adult and child maltreatment registry checks process can take up to at least a couple of weeks to complete, so please anticipate by submitting your notarized forms  as soon as you receive notifications from Service Learning background check staff. The information of the list of free notaries on campus is available in the email. Students submitting drug/alcohol screens will be directed to CourtHouse Concepts drug testing location. Study Abroad students will receive the proper forms through the Hogs Abroad portal

All background check paperwork is valid for one year. Therefore, if you already did background check within the past year, you do not need to take a new one. Please select the proper option when filling out your Qualtrics survey. Students are also allowed to conduct background check with other trustworthy agencies. The document must be uploaded as an attachment via Qualtrics survey. Service Learning background check staff will review and verify your paperwork. You may request a copy of your background check results, and the copies should be available within two to three business days.  

Any questions or concerns regarding background checks? Do not hesitate to contact us via