UARK GivePulse

givepulseAll service learning courses are now integrated on GivePulse, the UA’s online volunteering database, under the site’s “Classes” tab. Students can log their service learning hours through your course page. If your course is listed for this semester, you are already the administrator for your course and are able to track and approve student hours.

To claim your class, use the Single Server Sign-on. For service learning questions visit the GivePulse technical support page.


Sharing Partner Opportunities

You can also find local agencies (or affiliates) through GivePulse and share their volunteer opportunities on your class page. This allows students to discover approved projects that correspond with guidelines and class themes. You can request to share information by going to a group’s page on GivePulse and clicking the “affiliate” button next to their profile picture. For more information see the Faculty Resources page.



The Center for Community Engagement offers support for faculty and staff using GivePulse and is able to offer trainings upon request. Contact Claire J. Allison ( for information.


GivePulse is a complementary online platform provided by the Volunteer Action Center that connects non-profit agencies, student groups, universities, community organizations and individuals. The online portal easily allows groups to organize, share and find service projects and events. GivePulse also logs volunteer hours for individuals and groups and allows agencies to track and measure their impacts over time.