Faculty Travel Grants


Submission Deadline: The last day of every month (September through April).


APPLICATION:  Please apply through InfoReady here.

General Information: The goal of these grants is to help increase the number and improve the quality of undergraduate service learning courses at the UA by providing financial resources for planning and development of service learning activities and to promote the diffusion of academic ideas related to service learning.  

Domestic Travel Grant: Available funds can be awarded to faculty to support travel for pre-program domestic site visits or for domestic academic conference presentations related to a service learning course. Any proposal can be awarded up to $1,500.  

Applicant Eligibility

  1. The applicant must be the lead instructor of an existing service learning course. Additional co-applicants can be faculty, staff, or graduate teaching assistants of any title and rank. All applicants must be UA employees.  Applicants’ eligibility will be confirmed through department head/chairs and/or college deans.
  1. Priority may be given for faculty currently developing new courses with significant service learning content. Priority may also be given for faculty who have taught a new course within the last year and now want to develop service learning content for that course.

Final Requirements of Successful Applicants

  • All travel arrangements must be managed by the awardee's home department.
  • Submit an end-of-year impact report (1 page plus photos) by June 15, 2023 through the InfoReady portal.
  • The end-of-year impact report should be 1-2 pages, single-spaced, 1-inch margin, Times New Roman 12-point in Word format. 
  • The report should include at the end 2-4 photos of you during your travel experience.
  • The report should describe: (a) where you travel(ed), (b) what class this travel is/was for (if relevant), (c) how the travel experience is/was used as part of the service learning experience, and (d) impact of use - What does/did this travel experience help to achieve? How many students and how many community partners were impacted? 

Use of Funds

  • Approved domestic travel for the planning and coordination of service learning activities and to meet with potential service learning clients/collaborators
  • Approved domestic travel to share service learning ideas with others at state, regional, or national academic conferences

Questions about the form can be directed to svclrn01@uark.edu. Questions about the eligibility of items requested can be directed to Lisa Bowers (lmbowers@uark.edu).

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