Faculty Materials & Equipment Grants


Submission Deadline: The last day of every month (September through April).

*Applications will be reviewed monthly (September through April) until all dedicated funds for that semester are exhausted.


APPLICATION:  Please apply through InfoReady here.

General Information: The goal of these grants is to help equip service-learning instructors with materials they need to successfully meet their Service Learning course objectives. These funds can support the purchase of materials that would not be expected to be supplied from an academic unit.

Materials and Equipment Grant: Available funds can be awarded to projects to support a wide variety of expenses including course curriculum materials, equipment, and electronic technology (see restrictions below). Proposals may be accepted for an award amount of up to $1,500 dollars.

Applicant Eligibility: The applicant must be the lead instructor of a course that is being taught as service learning as demonstrated by the Service Learning designation on the course in UAConnect.

Use of Funds

  • Specialized equipment or equipment upgrades, plus related installation costs.
  • Electronic technology, if demonstrated it will improve the quality of the Service Learning activity.
  • Curriculum materials that prepare students to perform their Service Learning activities.
  • Other equipment and technology that will transform Service Learning students.

Excluded Uses of Funds

Our source of funding will not allow the following types of purchases:

  • Cell phone equipment and accessories (including service charges), regardless of usage
  • Office furniture
  • Clothing
  • Items that are typically general office equipment, such as printer ink, binders and general teaching supplies unless demonstrated as transformative to Service Learning activities
  • Routine equipment maintenance
  • Food and drinks
  • Participation incentives
  • Salary, hourly pay or stipends for employees or students
  • Equipment and technology that is not transformational to Service Learning students

For funded applications, purchases must be initiated in Workday by the lead faculty member’s department. Equipment purchased will be the property of the lead faculty member’s academic department, and any maintenance, upgrades, or troubleshooting will be the responsibility of the faculty members’ departments.

All forms must be submitted electronically using the InfoReady link above.


NOTE: All purchases must be managed by the applicant's home department.

  1. Submit an end-of-year impact report (1 page plus photos) by June 15 of the current academic year through InfoReady (details will be provided to awardees at time of award). 

Questions about the form can be directed to svclrn01@uark.edu. Questions about the eligibility of items requested can be directed to Lisa Bowers (lmbowers@uark.edu).

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