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"Be the Change, Today" Workshop

Presentations and Recordings 

Creating Context
Laura Gray
Integrating Research...
Fran Hagstrom, Ph.D.

Course Check Sheet and Timeline

The Course Check Sheet and Timeline provides faculty with helpful information for establishing new service learning courses.  

Matrix of Difference Among Service Learning, Community Service and Traditional Internships/Practicums

The Committee has developed the following matrix to assist faculty, staff and students in distinguishing among service learning, community service and traditional internship/practicum activities.  In order to qualify as true service learning on the University of Arkansas campus, any experience must include the eight characteristics listed in the service learning column below.  


Course Development

The following resources are available to help in developing a service learning course and syllabus:

Liability Insurance  & Background Checks 

Visit the Risk Management Tab.  

Resources at Other Colleges/Universities

Below is a short list of other universities that participate in Service Learning:

Boise State University


Indiana University Bloomington

Loyola University of New Orleans

Michigan State University

North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Northeastern University

University of Georgia

University of Maryland

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina at Greensboro            


Wright State University