Community Resources

The Community Resources page serves to inform the agency of how to build partnership with the University of Arkansas Service Learning Initiative and submit project proposals related to service learning. 

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Partnership opportunities

Service Learning happens when great partnerships are crafted between faculty and community partners.  Healthy partnerships are critical to the success of service learning.

First as a potential partner it is important to understand how service learning differs from community service in that service learning incorporates a rigorous academic component that is faculty led and credit bearing for the student.

Community agencies and schools interested in participating in a service learning partnership with a faculty member at the University of Arkansas are invited to submit a proposal.  Potential partners are encouraged to consider projects that the result will provide them with tools to increase the depth and breadth of their programming.

Completed proposals should be submitted via the link below. Agencies are invited to schedule a proposal development consultation prior to submitting proposals with Co-Chair Angela Oxford to discuss in detail their proposal by requesting an appointment via Rebecca Funderburg at 479-575-4365 or emailing

Examples of current service learning initiatives on campus are:


Project Proposal

Submit a project proposal form for your school or community organization.

Download this form, select the print button, save it as a pdf and then email it to Service Learning.