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Thousands of students from the University of Arkansas invest tens of thousands of hours to agencies throughout Northwest Arkansas each year through their community service.  Non-profit agencies, faith based initiatives and schools benefit from that investment.  The University of Arkansas’ decision to formalize service learning will provide a unique opportunity for agencies to engage with students and faculty in an entirely new way that differs from typical community service approaches.  Service learning differs from community service in that it incorporates a rigorous academic component that is faculty led and credit bearing for the student.

The proposed definition for service learning at the University of Arkansas is:

“Service learning is a credit bearing faculty directed teaching-learning experience that is course specific. Service Learning strengthens academic content knowledge and sense of civic responsibility.  Students build critical thinking skills as they engage in experiential, community-based activities that are aligned with and integral to academic course work. At the same time, the community (real people in real situations) benefits from assistance that would otherwise not be available.”  (The proposed definition and criteria will be finalized after review and approval from the curriculum committees of the university and individual colleges.)

Community agencies and schools interested in participating in a service learning partnership with a course at the University of Arkansas are invited to submit a proposal.  Potential partners are encouraged to consider projects that the end result will provide them with tools to increase the depth and breadth of their programming.

Completed proposals should be submitted via email to Angela Oxford, Co-Committee Chair.  Agencies are invited to schedule a program development consult with Angela Oxford prior to submitting proposals.

Examples of current service learning initiatives on campus are:

  • Public Relations and Marketing consultation with local agencies
  • Literacy/Writing tutoring with local middle school students
  • Lunch Mentoring Program with bullied children in local elementary school
  • Study Abroad Multi-discipline Belize Program